Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been falling behind on everything this past month... I blame the day job. But that should change now with the new manager in place. Anyway, here are a couple warm-up sketches for a cover I'm working on. Smeared mechanical pencil, Spit and a White Out pen. I added the color to Sarah in photoshop.


Benjamin Reid Phillips said...

why are you being so kind to them with your caricatures?....they're politicians....ridicule with all the evil glee you're capable of..

I do like the technique...but really spit?

Benjamin Reid Phillips said...
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Scott White said...

Well, not really spit as in spitting on the piece, but licking my finger tip and smearing the pencil lines. I was going to say saliva but that makes me think of that god awful band... I didn't want people to think I was listening to them as i drew these, cause I wasn't... really, I wasn't I swear!