Monday, December 7, 2009

Holograms and water in my ear

So, here is a color sample and a sketch from the new project I’m working on with Jason Rodriguez (aka: the writer). I still need to play around with the colors more, maybe add a texture or two, but that will have to wait. It’s time to shift this project into third gear and get rolling. Thumbnails are next.

On a side note, I just took a shower and I now have water in my ear that wont come out. I hate that…

I will post more as the project comes along.

Edit: Oh and please, I would love suggestions, comments and constructive critiques. This has a good chance of being published along side many other short comic stories in an anthology, I want this to be one of the best stories in the book. All comments and suggestions are welcome, thanks!


ArtH said...

Hi Scott,

Jason's kudos led me here. Your modernized hologrammed Pinocchio looks great; luscious colors.

It's now Dec. 10. Oh my gosh, if you still have the water in your ear, try jumping up and down on one foot!


(any reply at all, send to

Arty4ever said...

Looking great Scott!